Celebrate. Discover. Reconnect.

Capturing your most celebrated moments. That’s what it’s all about. Whether documenting the authentic moments at a wedding, a family reunion or a day spent hiking in the Montana wilderness with your loved ones, your fondest memories should be spontaneous, genuine and a total reflection of you.

As a visual storyteller, I strive to capture these candid moments as they naturally occur. These are the photos you will look at years from now that will transport you back to a moment in time and allow you to experience it over and over again. Through creative images, my goal is to reconnect you to those moments with your loved ones and yourself that together tell the story of your life.


    Expecting the unexpected. That’s where the magic is.
    Greener Visuals Photography is a result of fifteen years of befriending strangers, telling stories with a camera and a lifetime of following an artistic, stubborn curiosity all coming together to deliver an unmatched candid, photographic experience for our clients.

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We are thrilled you are here and so grateful to you for trusting us with your photographic needs!

So be inspired, reach out and I look forward talking with you!