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When planning your wedding celebration, naturally wedding couples have questions. I’m here to help. Below are some common questions I get that I’m asked a lot and my helpful answers that might benefit you below.

A phone call is always the best way to get your photography questions answered quickly. I’d love to hear from you and I am always happy to help.

What’s your photographic style?

I would describe my style as “candid, creative documentary.” I come from photojournalism background, meaning I’ll photograph your day as it unfolds naturally without interference from yours truly. However, I also put a lot of energy and time into your “creative portraits,” which are the photos of just the two of you. I’m constantly looking for interesting light, angles and backgrounds, and often use unusual, experimental techniques to turn your wedding portraits into works of art.

Do you have experience shooting in various lighting situations?

Yes. Working as a photojournalist for the past ten years I am constantly adjusting to the changing light conditions throughout the day. It has become second nature to me. Rest assured that regardless of what the light is doing I can handle it and will make you look your best.

We wish we could meet with you at your photo studio, but we don’t live around Bozeman, Montana. Is there an alternative?

The majority of my couples actually hire me without an in-person meeting. I’m very prompt, and very thorough, with emails. I’m able to answer most questions that way. However, I’m always happy to talk with you on the phone or schedule a chat on Skype or Facebook. A lot of of my out-of-town clients have done this, and it works out great! We can always find a time and method that works!

I have this crazy idea. Can you photograph it?

Yes! I help couples and families with creative visualization for styled photo sessions they will absolutely love. My portrait photography has always been a collaboration between myself and my subjects. I look forward to helping make your vision a reality.

How many photographers do you work with at a wedding?

Most of the time I am shooting a wedding by myself. It really comes down to the size of your wedding. If I feel a wedding could benefit from an extra camera or if you request it, I have many friends in the professional wedding photography community that I can call on to assist me. My top two wedding photography collections always have at least two photographers at each wedding. The second photographer is chosen from a short list of very talented people I am used to working with. The second photographer is responsible for photographing the groom getting ready, all details, providing a second angle on the ceremony and reception, and assisting the lead photographer with off-camera lighting for creative portraits.

Do you sometimes book yourself for more than one wedding in a day?

It is important to me that you and your wedding is the sole focus of my day. Because of that, I only book one wedding per day.

What are your wedding photography rates?

Commissions for weddings depends on wedding location and availability. Starting rate is $3,300. Contact me using the Contact page in the menu or at for my full pricing catalog.

How soon after the event are the photographs ready for viewing?

Because we take such care in making sure all your edited photographs will look great for years to come, completion takes about six to eight weeks. At that time, your online gallery will be made available for you and all your friends and family to see. A sneak peak of a few favorites images of your wedding will be blogged within a couple days of the event. The rest of the fully processed, edited, and downloadable printable high resolution jpeg images will be posted in an online gallery within 6-8 weeks after the wedding ceremony. They will be available for viewing and purchasing in an online gal­lery for 6 months.

Do you provide a print and distribution release?

Absolutely. You can print your photos wherever you want and you can distribute them around the internet too (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, e-mail, etc). I also sell prints and other artwork from my professional print lab if you want them done well.

How many photos do we get?

Our goal is to tell your story… fully, completely and beautifully. In doing so, we emphasize quality over quantity, employing a “less is more” philosophy. We would rather give you a couple hundred “epic” photographs, than a couple thousand “so-so-mediocre” ones. Our couples usually receive 500 to 700 images, depending on the nature of their celebration. All will be edited with correct color and exposure to be exactly as I intend them to be.

Do you charge hourly or full day?

I offer numerous photography collections each with different amount of photographic coverage and other offerings for my clients to choose from. There is never any limit on photos taken and I offer an option for unlimited coverage for any wedding package. I’m yours whenever you need me throughout the day.

Where will you travel to?

Anywhere. I’ve photographed weddings throughout Montana, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, North Carolina and many other places in between. I love to travel internationally as well and have brought my cameras to off places such as China, Mongolia, New Zealand, and all of South America. Don’t let distance cause you to hesitate one bit. A new place is just a fun, new canvas for me to explore and make creative photographs in. I relish at the opportunity! Give me a call and we can further discuss your destination wedding, portrait or family vacation photography needs.

Do you charge for travel?

All of my wedding packages currently include travel in or around Montana. For any other destination weddings, transportation be that airfare, rental car or gas to and from the event is required in addition to my rate. Please contact me for more information.

How do we arrange your travel?

Typically, I will book my own airfare and rental car (if needed) after you have approved the price. I always look for the least expensive option that is also convenient for both you and I. For hotel, I ask that you reserve a room for me in the host hotel where all the other guests are staying. All travel expenses are reimbursed after the wedding.

Will you travel for portrait and engagement sessions as well?

I’m happy to come to your town or meet you at a fabulous destination of your choice. Please contact me for specific information.

Are you insured?

Without question I am. I never work without it. I have both equipment insurance and $1 million liability insurance policy I can provide to your wedding venue if needed.

Do you photograph details and family group photos?

Absolutely! You’ve put in a lot of work to make your wedding day décor special. A wedding photography collection would not be complete without making good details and family photos, and I take all the photographs you would expect out of any wedding photographer. But my goal is to also go past those expectations and give you photographs that you never even imagined.

Should I give you a shot list?

When you contact me about shooting your wedding, I will send you a full gallery of a real wedding to look through. You will see that I am very thorough with my coverage, including photos of your dress, jewelry, shoes, flowers, food and reception décor. There is no need to give us a shot list. The only list we will ask for is your list of family group shots and the schedule of the day.

What kind of photographic equipment do you typically bring with you on the day of?

I grew up being raised on the motto of “Be Prepared.” I make sure before any wedding that I am packed and prepared for any situation that may arise. I shoot with high end, professional Nikon digital SLR cameras. They are my workhorses. I also will bring lenses, flashes, light stands, light modifiers, memory cards and back-ups for each, just in case.

Do you require a meal break? If yes, do you require that the wedding party provide your meal?

Yes, my assistant (when present) and I do require that the wedding party provide a meal for us at the reception and ask that you include us on the guest list. This way I can keep up my energy and will be available at any time during dinner to shoot. So far, ALL of our brides have gladly provided dinner for us at the reception with their guests and it has worked seamlessly.

What do you do if we have an outdoor venue and it rains on our wedding day?

Most venues will offer you a rain plan with a backup indoor location. We easily adapt to any situation. Our favorite wedding photos have a lot more to do with your personalities and your chemistry as a couple, than what kind of background you’re standing in front of. If you are happy and in love, that will show in your photos. Just remember that the poor weather doesn’t change the fact that you are surrounded by all the special people in your life who regardless of precipitation, will be there to honor and celebrate you. Sometimes attitude is everything. I see rain as a fun, adventurous twist that usually brings laughter and spontaneity.

What kind of backdrop and props do you have for your photo booth?

The photo booth is totally customizable to you and your wedding. It’s a service offered exclusively for Greener Visuals wedding clients for their reception celebration. I can use the scenery around your wedding site or you can make your own in the color scheme of your wedding. In addition, have a box of props and other fun things to use but I find that it is more fulfilling for the bride and groom to add their own items to the mix. The possibilities are endless. Give me a call and I can tell you more about it.

My fiancé is uncomfortable being in front of the camera but I want photos that show his personality. How can you help him on the wedding day?

I love a good challenge. My goal is to leave you with a feeling that a good friend photographed your wedding and got the best photos of you. We are very calm, mellow people who tend to blend into the scene rather than bring attention to ourselves and our cameras. That, combined with our documentary style, will have you both used to us within the first half-hour of your getting-ready time. Most couples tell us it felt like we were just one of the gang, hanging out with everyone. The only time you’ll really be aware of the cameras is during the family group photo and the creative portraits, and during this time we will guide you through everything. You can just be yourselves, and we will take care of the rest.

Do you accept credit cards?

You bet. You can pay with cash, Pay Pal, credit card, check or even bitcoin.

Do you barter?

Yes, if you make kick ass stuff it’s always a possibility, just ask on the contact form.

I want to book you for my wedding. What is the next step?

Contact us and we will double check that your date is available. If it is, we’ll schedule a phone consult, skype or in-person meeting. After that, all we need is a signed photography agreement that I’ll send you and a 33% retainer check from your total fee to book your wedding.